The objective of this Teen Summit is to empower our High School Youths in the different geographical urban areas that may not get the opportunities in other areas of the city. The objective is to have 16-25 youth leaders to organize a youth summit at their school and in their immediate community. These students will be addressing some very important issues in their community with some key groups, i.e. local community policemen, business owners, educators (high school and colleges), ministers, and peers. The outcome of the summit will be the “Call to Action” that will help build a process of bringing this community and other sectors together to build on a relationship and partnership with each other. We are starting grassroots’ initiatives to a new approach to aim to reduce the violence and engage in empowering our youth in the high crime areas.

We are wanting to make sure that we empower these youths to make a difference in our school’s communities, as well as the surrounding communities. These youths will be addressing the following subjects through various panelists:

  • Police and Youth Relations
  • Educators and Youth Relations
  • Business Owners and Youth Relations
  • Ministers and Youth Relations (Two Pastors: Pastor McIntyre & Tremont Pastor)
  • Youth (peers) and Youth (peers) Relations
Proposed Format:
  • Questions and concerns for the panelists
  • A Focus Group started with the students February 24, 2017
  • Choosing youth facilitators and summit speakers
  • Youth Leaders to facilitate breakout sessions
  • Youth Leaders engaging with panelists and audience at the breakout sessions
  • There will be a total of two sessions to make everyone involved, i.e. panelists and students accountable for the “take-aways”
  • Youth Leaders will identify the problems
  • Youth Leaders will be a part of measuring this event for data
  • End of the school year reception
  • Presentation of scholarships for youth leaders

This summit will give the High School Youths an opportunity to experience and be empowered to do the following:

  • Real-life communication and respect
  • Policy-shaping experiences
  • Increase in self-esteem
  • Leadership skills
  • Apply the experience in the community that they are representing
  • Commitment to come back to their community to give back
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